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Dj Fibonacci

Based in the Bay Area, Dj Fibonacci - Yetti Obasade - uses her vast knowledge of 90’s, 2000’s, and contemporary Black music to entice listeners into Afro-futuristic soundscapes. Her style includes blending sounds from across the diaspora: hip hop, alternative r&b, UK garage, drum&bass, amapiano, afrobeats, Black electronic, dance, Baile Funk and much more.

Since 2016, Dj Fibonacci has been cultivating seamless streams of feel-good sets while continuously developing her distinct style of music. She is heavily influenced by the traditional African tunes and 80's music her mother played when she was a child. Additionally, she has over 18 years of direct musical talent, starting with learning how to read sheet music, playing low brass instruments, learning guitar and now moving into producing sounds that resonate with the soul. She is currently a resident DJ for Queer in Oakland (A queer ran collective) and Night Heron - a bar and lounge. She is also the founder of Cloud8 Productions, a video and music platform that specifically amplifies women of color and queer individuals in the DJ space. Through this, Ramsess Radio was born; A biweekly live-streamed DJ set taking place at Ramsess Art Garden, with each video being archived on Youtube.

Most recently, She made her international debut in Tulum Mexico at Secrets Sky Bar in May and she opened for Snakehips in March of 2024.  Whether she's spinning for clients like Google, Youtube or Jack Daniels, playing a set on the radio, collaborating in a lineup of other DJ’s, or headlining parties, DJ Fibonacci continues to deliver consistent vibes to audiences nationwide.


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